Michael McKean Deemed Emmy-Worthy by TheWrap; Jonathan Banks Chats With LA Times

This week, Michael McKean's performance is deemed Emmy-worthy by TheWrap, while Jonathan Banks chats with the Los Angeles Times. Plus, Vince Gilligan reveals his favorite action movie and book to The Hollywood Reporter. Read on for more:


TheWrap singles out Michael McKean for an Emmy-worthy performance since he "makes the fragile, paranoid, difficult and brilliant Chuck McGill a figure for both broad comedy and deep empathy."


• Jonathan Banks tells the Los Angeles Times how he played the episode, "Five-O," saying, "You go back through a lot of things in a lifetime, and that's what you use. I don't want to be maudlin about it, but it's about every friend I've ever had that lost a child and how they ever kept living."


The Hollywood Reporter learns from Vince Gilligan that his favorite action movie is The French Connection, which has a chase scene that's "as breathless and exciting as anything I'm seeing in 2015. And it's all real -- no CGI!" Gilligan also tells THR that his favorite book is Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five.


Fansided points out "seven times when Jimmy McGill dropped some knowledge on viewers during season one of Better Call Saul."


• According to Fansided, Mezco Toys is releasing a Saul Goodman action figure this summer.


Variety reports that Hell and Back, an animated movie featuring Bob Odenkirk, will be released on Sept. 25 by Freestyle Releasing.


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