Making of Fear the Walking - Tour a Post-Apocalyptic Settlement Unlike Any Other

Despite being surrounded, Madison and her group aren't about to let the Vultures and come in and take their baseball stadium retreat. This home base is worth fighting for.

"It's a pretty epic place to have a settlement," says Executive Producer/Showrunner Ian Goldberg.

In a new video, the cast and crew show how they converted a real baseball into an apocalyptic fortress.

Making of the Baseball Stadium

Transitioning a real AAA stadium that seats 15,000 fans into the world of Fear was a herculean task.

"We have cows, we have goats. We have plants and corn," explains Carey Jones, SPFX Makeup Supervisor.Description

Whether it was turning luxury boxes into apartments or the stadium mascot into a scarecrow, no detail was overlooked.

"It's really about making it inhabitable and safe and feel like a real home," says Goldberg.

Click here for the full tour of the post-apocalyptic settlement unlike any other.

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