Madison's Journey: Relive Her Essential Moments Before The Final Episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Drop

Madison Clark is demanding answers from PADRE, but he's refusing to tell her what she needs to know. So she seizes her sledgehammer and shatters the mirror with a mighty blow, to discover Shrike's brother behind the facade. This Season 8 scene is emblematic of everything we know Madison to be. She's defiant, fierce, and strong — and will do what it takes to accomplish her goal.
To learn about Madison's journey, check out for The Best of Madison, a compilation of six episodes that tell the story of how she became the person we know, and be sure to watch the final installment of Fear the Walking Dead, debuting on Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c on AMC and AMC+.

So Close, Yet So Far (Season 1, Episode 2) – The One Where Madison Kills Her First Walker
This is a Madison we don't know. It's early in the zombie apocalypse and it's jarring to see Madison's family intact, knowing that Travis, Nick, Alicia, and Chris are all gone now. Madison, unsurprisingly, doesn't understand yet what this sickness is all about and tells a student, Tobias, "They're going to contain it." She also doesn't understand why she should be very afraid of walkers, so it's horrifying to see her approach the school principal, who's turned, and try to talk to him. "Artie, can you hear me?" she asks. "We'll get you help, Artie," she tells him as he gets closer and closer. Tobias has the presence of mind to stab him (although not in the brain), but it's Madison who takes him out by bashing him repeatedly with a fire extinguisher.
Shiva (Season 2, Episode 7) - The One Where Madison Locks Celia in With Lots of Walkers
Madison is increasingly concerned about the influence Celia has on Nick —after all, she believes walkers are still people. Madison is alarmed when Celia asserts that Nick's understanding of her beliefs will drive him to "choose between his family and the truth that they don't understand." Madison, motivated to keep her family together, convinces Celia that she wants to understand her perspective. Celia brings her down to the cellar where she keeps her zombies. Celia asks, "What wouldn't you do for your children?" Madison responds by saying, "Nothing," and locks Celia in with the walkers. Despite that, when Daniel sets the estate on fire and everyone needs to flee, Nick refuses to leave and Madison is forced to leave him behind.
Eye of the Beholder (Season 3 Premiere) – The One Where Madison Meets Troy Otto
Madison, Alicia, and Travis are captured by Troy's people and brought to a military base, but Travis is separated from them. Troy is oddly formal, calling Madison "ma'am," offering Madison and Alicia tea, and apologizing for his men handling them so roughly. Madison, intent on getting Travis released and continuing her search for Nick, tells Alicia she's willing to kill if she has to. She doesn't end up killing Troy, but she does end up fighting him and gouging his right eye with a spoon. She then uses him as leverage to get Travis released. It turns out Nick and Luciana were also being held by Troy, so Madison gets a heartfelt reunion with Nick. When walkers overrun the base, they all escape to the Otto family's Broke Jaw Ranch.
Things Bad Begun (Season 3, Episode 15) – The One Where Madison Leaves Troy for Dead
Madison has a conversation with Victor where they talk frankly about killing people. Madison remarks, "Killing drives some people mad. It never quite gets you what you want. Worst of all, it gets easier every time." Later, Nick and Troy warn the Proctors are going to attack and Madison vouches for Troy when Daniel is against him helping defend the dam. When Madison and Troy are setting up explosives, Madison thanks Troy for looking after Nick. But when Madison learns Troy was responsible for leading the horde to the ranch, Troy says he'd do it all again "and you would too. You know you would 'cause you understand and you see things." She replies by whacking him twice with a hammer and leaving him for dead.
No One's Gone (Season 4, Episode 8) – The One Where Madison "Dies"
We learn in flashbacks that Madison built the community at the baseball stadium after an encounter with Althea. We also learn that when the horde led by Ennis engulfs the stadium, Madison is stranded inside and Alicia, Nick, Victor and Luciana are trapped outside. Madison then decided to save her family by lighting a flare to attract all the walkers, enabling everyone outside to get away. They all realized Madison had no way to escape, and then she set the stadium on fire. "It was never about the stadium," Alicia declares. "It was about the people," Victor says. "It was about us," Luciana adds. "That's why my mom gave up her life," Alicia affirms. The four of them then drive away in anguish as the stadium burns behind them.
Gone (Season 7 Finale) – The One Where Madison Returns and Meets Morgan
Madison reappears at the end of Season 7 as a "collector" for PADRE, a person who snatches children from their parents in a bid to keep them safe. She meets Morgan when she shoots dead a half-dozen men and takes Mo. She threatens to kill him if he follows her. Eventually, after Mo has been turned over to PADRE, Morgan catches up with Madison and realizes she's the mother of Nick and Alicia. She tells him she's working for PADRE in order to keep her own kids safe. But when Morgan reveals that Nick and Alicia are both dead, Madison resolves to help Morgan find Mo. She also displays her fearsome skills when she's buried in sand and is still able to take out several walkers from that disadvantaged position.
Since then, PADRE has been dismantled and Madison is back in her rightful place as a leader who wants to rebuild PADRE into a haven for parents to be reunited with their children. Discover what happens next for Madison when Fear the Walking Dead returns with its final episodes on Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c on AMC and AMC+.

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