MacKenzie Porter Talks to Huffington Post; Hell Costume Designer Chats With THR

This week, MacKenzie Porter talks to The Huffington Post, while Hell on Wheels' costume designer chats with The Hollywood Reporter. Plus, CarterMatt looked behind the scenes of "Chicken Hill." Read on for more:

• MacKenzie Porter, the second actress to play Cullen's wife, Naomi, tells The Huffington Post that Anson Mount "made me feel right at home, like I had been there from the start, so I was instantly relieved."

The Hollywood Reporter interviews the show's costume designer, Carol Case, who talks about the dirtiness of the clothes, how it's "always a joke at the start of every season. I never think the clothes look right until we let the mud do its job as much as we can." checks out AMC's behind-the-scenes insight for "Chicken Hill." previews next week's episode, "Reckoning," and exults, "While there is some drama happening on the show, one thing you can celebrate now is that we’ve still got a great deal of show left to go this season!"

• For recaps and reviews of Season 4, Episode 3, "Chicken Hill," check out, Cowboys & Indians, Den of Geek, Paste Magazine,, TV Fanatic.

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