Lodge in NY Times Summer Preview; Vulture Recommends Season 1

This week, The New York Times talks up Lodge 49 in its summer TV preview, while Vulture recommends catching up on Season 1. Plus, IndieWire hails the show as a binge-watch. Read on for more:

The New York Times includes Lodge 49 in its summer TV preview: "Jim Gavin’s sunny Southern California fable about the members of a faded, highly fanciful fraternal order gets a second season. Give thanks for TV’s ravenous appetite for content, and AMC’s good taste."

Vulture recommends streaming Season 1 before Season 2 debuts on Aug. 12: "This AMC series about an aimless surfer dude (Wyatt Russell) who finds purpose and odd mystery in a fraternal organization was one of last summer’s most pleasant surprises. It’s the sort of pleasantly weird, ambling series that’s perfect for summertime."

IndieWire deems Lodge 49 one of the best shows to binge, saying, "The 10 episodes are gentle, congenial viewing that occasionally feels profound or magical."

Den of Geek includes Lodge 49 in its summer TV preview, calling it "one of scripted TV's most unique creations."

The Oregonian includes Lodge 49 and its Aug. 12 Season 2 Premiere in its list of summer TV shows to watch.

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