Wyatt Russell Speaks to A.V. Club; Lodge 49 Impresses Slate

This week, Wyatt Russell speaks with the A.V. Club, while Lodge 49 impresses Slate. Plus, Decider explains why Lodge 49 was one of August's best shows. Read on for more:

• Wyatt Russell tells A.V. Club, "There are a ton of scenes where I’ve said, 'Hey, can I get Thermosaurus for this scene?' It’s gotten to the point where everyone else even says, 'Hey, do you think he’d have Thermosaurus here?” And I always say, “You know, I think he would have Thermosaurus here!'"

Slate is "fascinated" by the tone of the show, which is about "pretty heavy stuff. It's about depression and having no money and the best days of your life being behind you and the failure of America's promise in the post-industrial moment, but it deals with it so deftly and with such a light touch that I just find it really bewitching."

Decider names Lodge 49 one of August's best TV shows: "Lodge 49 is different, defiantly, wonderfully different and that innovative approach to storytelling is what makes it one of the most enjoyable shows on television."

• "There are few TV shows that quite capture the vibe of Lodge 49," Vox says, declaring it's "a terrific TV show, is what I’m saying, and you need to be watching it."

ABC Radio talks to Wyatt Russell, who says, "The true star of the show is the Lodge, right?. [B]ut all of the people in it are really just as important to the machinations and moving parts of how the Lodge works, and what people mean to each other."

Den of Geek features an exclusive clip from Monday's upcoming episode and notes, "Why did Liz and Lenore have no choice but to be in a dumpster for a couple hours? This is Lodge 49 and we don't ask those kind of questions."

The Nerd Daily interviews Celia Au, who says, "I had so much fun shooting Season 1 of Lodge 49 and when I found out about a second season, I was really excited to see where Alice goes."

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