Washington Post Recommends Lodge; Lodge Tops LA Times List

This week, The Washington Post recommends catching up on Lodge 49, while the series tops the Los Angeles Times' list of the year's best. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter applauds the show and its cast. Read on for more:

The Washington Post advises catching up immediately on Lodge 49: "The show, which feels inspired by equal parts David Lynch, Thomas Pynchon and Richard Linklater, invites the viewer to just hang out as it marches to its own bizarre drum (stopping every once in a while to down some cold brews and catch some sick waves, of course)."

Lodge 49 tops the Los Angeles Times' list of 2018's best, describing the series as "full of mystery and magic adventure and feeling, with memorable characters in circumstances that somehow manage to be ordinary and fantastic at once."

Lodge 49 is one of The Hollywood Reporter's top 20 shows this year, advising, "You just have to let Lodge 49 wash over you and embrace the main partnership between Dud and Ernie — Wyatt Russell and Brent Jennings have a camaraderie that feels effortless — and the delight of Sonya Cassidy's Liz."

Paste names Dud one of the year's best 25 TV characters, observing that Lodge 49 "flew mostly under the radar this year, but its first season was an absolute delight, thanks in no small part to its naive main character, Dud."

Zimbio calls Lodge 49 must-watch TV, describing it as "a tenderhearted tale about communities that can emerge in the most unexpected places and how the path to enlightenment can be filled with strange, electrifying experiences."

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