TVLine Declares Lodge Peak TV Treasure; Vulture Looks to Season 2

This week, TVLine declares Lodge 49 a peak TV treasure, while Vulture looks forward to Season 2. Plus, Awards Circuit reports the show has won a Satellite Award. Read on for more:

TVLine honors Lodge 49 as a "peak TV treasure," applauding that "[Wyatt] Russell is thoroughly charming as Dud, delivering one of 2018’s most appealing TV performances, and the rest of the cast is pretty great, too."

Vulture eagerly anticipates Season 2, calling the show "one of last year’s sweetest surprises, deftly mixing the Coen brothers, Charles Portis, Thomas Pynchon, and, of all things, John From Cincinnati, into a beguilingly fresh package, fusing mysticism and eccentric character comedy."

Awards Circuit announces that Lodge 49 has won the Satellite Award for the Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical.

Glamour advises watching Lodge 49 -- a "delightful show about an extremely optimistic surfer named Dud" -- when it starts airing on Hulu this week.

TV Guide recommends watching Lodge 49 to learn how to "stop planning so much and ride the waves of life," like Wyatt Russell: "Proving that the laid-back life can still be one that leads to greatness, Sean 'Dud' Dudley is a true inspiration for all those who want to live a life of giving zero f---s."

Paste, hailing AMC as the TV network of the year, declares that Lodge 49 -- "one of the best new TV shows of the year—blossomed into a microcosmic examination of the Great Recession’s long reach, emphasis on the cosmic." honors Lodge 49 as one of 2018's best: "To the optimistic Dud, the Lodge was a mystical place holding the promise of renewal, and his optimism was contagious."

The Ringer advises catching up on the show when it debuts Jan. 7 on Hulu: "Watching Lodge 49 can be jarring, but you also get the impression that every minuscule detail, no matter how eccentric or mundane, was planted there for a reason by creator Jim Gavin."

Screen Rant counts Lodge 49 as one of the year's top new TV shows, declaring it to be "an outrageously charming new series that is, above all else, just a really satisfying hang."

Wisconsin Public Radio, inspired by Lodge 49, decides to visit Madison's local Elks Lodge, The East Side Club and The Masonic Center to "see what the show may have gotten right, embellished, or fabricated."

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