The Loaded Cast Discusses Watto's Serious Problem in Episode 3

What's more therapeutic than smashing a room full of delicate trinkets with a baseball bat?

Smashing a room full of delicate trinkets with a gigantic dildo.

And that's simply "something you're never going to recreate," says Jim Howick (Josh) in a new behind-the-scenes video breaking down Episode 3.

Go Inside Episode 3 With the Cast

When Watto keeps receiving mysterious packages, the guys suspect he's off the wagon.

It turns out he just needed another outlet to relieve his stress. Thus starts his jug collection, an addiction of its own.

"It starts off as therapy that actually turns into a quite serious problem," says Jim.

"I can only really be free when I let go of it and destroy it all," notes Nick Helm of his character, Watto.

Click here to watch the full video and hear from the cast members themselves on the "most fun day" they had on set.

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