Sneak Peek of Loaded Episode 3 -- Leon Struggles to Describe What He Actually Does

He's charming. He's handsome. He spins a good yarn. But what does Leon actually do at Idyl Hands.

Turns out, even he can't describe it.

In a sneak peek from Episode 3, the team's new corporate overlords are conducting an efficiency audit and it quickly takes the steam out of the guys' newfound success

Watch a Sneak Peek of Season 1, Episode 3, “Josh's Mum and Dad”

It's time for the guys to prove their worth to Casey or risk being put on the chopping block.

Will cutting costs mean cutting Leon?

It might if he's not able to figure out what kind of work he's actually responsible for.

Click here to watch a clip from Monday’s all-new episode and see what Leon comes up with.

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