Leon’s Glory Over Winning an Award Is Quickly Cut Short -- Watch Loaded Episode 6

Leon's made the Red List, which recognizes the best of the best in media.

He's finally getting to play with the big boys, something he feels he undoubtedly deserves.

Unfortunately, in Episode 6 of Loaded, Leon's glory is fleeting when he finds out he may have not been given the award for the right reasons.

Watch Episode 6, "The Red List, Now

Up until that point, things were looking up for ol' Leon: He's become Casey's right-hand man and leader of the Idyl Hands crew, and now he's being recognized by his peers.

His friends aren't impressed by the inclusion; they don't think he's earned his success.

And, as he'll soon find out, neither do the members of the elite he's so desperate to join.

Find out why Leon's success is in doubt in the latest episode of Loaded. Plus, Casey's reaction to being excluded from the Red List is not be missed.

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