The Loaded Cast Discusses Watto’s Ill-Fated Relationship With His “Huge Stinky Dog”

As Watto licks his wounds after his mom abandoned him yet again, he's desperate for a connection.

He's tried befriending people, whether bandmates or random strangers, but all his advances have been rebuffed -- until he meets Digby.

In a new behind-the-scenes video breaking down Episode 6, the guys discuss Watto’s ill-fated relationship with the “huge stinky dog.”

Go Inside Episode 6 With the Cast

Unfortunately, it's just Watto's luck that his new pal is terminally ill and this newly formed friendship looks like it will just be temporary.

"I fall in love with this dog and it basically replaces my mom and all of these things missing in my life," explains Nick Helm (Watto).

"It's terrible but it's tragic but it's tender but it's so funny," adds Jim Howick (Josh).

Click here to watch the full video and hear the cast discuss Watto's tragically funny friendship with a dying dog.

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