EW Endorses Loaded; NY Times Applauds Mary McCormack

This week, Loaded gets an endorsement from Entertainment Weekly, while The New York Times applauds Mary McCormack's performance. Plus, the show's creator and executive producer talks to TV Insider. Read on for more:

• Giving the series high marks, Entertainment Weekly applauds in its review, "With hearty doses of British self-flagellation, Loaded wrings brilliant cringe comedy out of its unqualified characters and the wealth they’ve stupidly acquired."

• Reviewing Loaded, The New York Times calls Mary McCormack (Casey) the "icing on this amusing cake" and says the show "really takes off" when she shows up.

• Creator and EP Jon Brown, speaking with TV Insider, says, "I wanted to find four characters that reflected different experiences of having sudden wealth. But the crucial thing is that no one gets to enjoy it without paying some kind of price."

• Deadline describes Loaded as "a lot smarter and more fun that it might seem" and commends Mary McCormack, who "delivers a blistering, brassy performance."

• According to Variety, Loaded has "lightweight humor and a British twist on the startup story that makes it a bit of a novelty. And every now and then there’s insight about wealth — or the lack thereof — that is a little funny and a little heart-rending in its stark truth."

• Interviewed by Zap2it, Jim Howick (Josh) explains that the show "explores the guilt factor, I think. It deals with the fortune in a very British way, kind of an apologist's way. Certainly my character anyway."

• After watching the first two episodes, Uproxx says that Loaded finds "a sweet spot between absurdity and sincerity."

• Channel Guide Magazine talks to Mary McCormack, who calls Casey "horrible. She’s really, really tough on them and she makes it difficult for them. I think they thought it was going to be all fun and then she shows up."

• Bustle checked -- and "Cat Factory was made specifically for Loaded and is sadly not real."

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