A Big Tech Expo Puts the Spotlight on the Guys and Their Problems -- Watch Loaded Episode 7

Josh swore he'd never make a sequel to Idyl Hands' wildly successful game, Cat Factory.

In Episode 7 of Loaded, a shocking revelation makes Josh rethink his decision.

The turn of events comes courtesy of none other than Watto, whose insane plan to free himself from wealth costs the group their Viking game and a whole lot more.

Watch Episode 7, “The Expo," Now

Without a new game to present at the expo, the guys turn to Cat Factory 2.

Leon, of course, has been working on the sequel for some time now, while Josh thinks they made the big decision together.

But, Josh slowly starts to put the pieces together and confronts his friend for betraying him... on stage in front of a huge crowd.

It looks like Cat Factory 2 is out of the bag. And so is the team's drama.

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