Lee Pace Talks Joe’s Drive With HuffPost; Flicksided Wants You to Watch Halt

This week, The Huffington Post talks with Lee Pace about how Joe is reminiscent of Patrick Bateman, while Flicksided analyzes the best reasons to watch Halt and Catch Fire. Plus, Halt inspires The Orange County Register to investigate what was going on in 1983. Read on for more:

Lee Pace sits down with The Huffington Post to talk about what drives Joe MacMillan, what Joe would think of technology today, and how Joe seems more like Patrick Bateman than Don Draper.

Flicksided breaks down why you should be watching Halt and Catch Fire, citing Scoot McNairy and Kerry Bishe as “fantastic” and says the “costumes, make-up, hair, and set design are knocking it out of the park.”

Halt and Catch Fire inspires The Orange County Register to look back at what was going on in its cities in 1983.

Bustle is worried for the three leads after the events of Season 1, Episode 4, “Close to the Metal” and has a photo from Episode 5, “Adventure.”

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