War Takes Over the Badlands in the Season 3 Premiere

The Season Premiere picks up six months after the events of the Season 2 Finale, and war has ravaged the land. The battle between the Widow and Baron Chau for control of the Badlands shows little sign of stopping, and the epic scale of the carnage has far-reaching effects.

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The Widow needs a new regent to help her win the war, and looks to one of the most deadly ex-Clippers in the Badlands: Nathaniel Moon. But Moon is only looking for revenge against Sunny, who cut off his hand in their last battle.

The Widow proposes a fight for his allegiance, and the two face-off on a sweeping cliffside tower. Will the Widow come home with a new ally or will Moon add another sword to his graveyard of challengers?

Meanwhile, Sunny devotes himself to taking care of his infant son, Henry, in the wake of Veil's death. But being a single parent in the Badlands is never easy -- especially after the Widow places a bounty on Sunny's head. When Henry comes down with a mysterious illness, Sunny must venture back to the life he left behind in order to find a cure.

Plus, a caravan of mysterious new figures arrives on the outskirts of the wall, leaving a bloody trail of bodies in their wake. Have they come to offer salvation, as they say, or the destruction of the Badlands?

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