Variety Lauds Badlands as One of Year's Best; Pop Culture Interivews Nick Frost

This week, Variety lauds Into the Badlands as one of the year's best TV shows so far, while Pop Culture interviews Nick Frost. Plus, Gold Derby reports the show was one of the top 10 scripted series on cable. Read on for more:

• Variety calls Into the Badlands one of the year's best TV shows so far: "This action-oriented AMC series more than delivered on the promise of its 2015 debut in a wild, exciting and gorgeous second season. There are very few series that provide witty escapism, a feast for the eyes, brisk storytelling and roundhouse kicks."

• Nick Frost tells PopCulture he's become friends with Daniel Wu and that "we share a sensibility in terms of not only work ethic, but how things should be done and how things should look and what's funny."

• Gold Derby reports that Into the Badlands ended Season 2 as one of the top 10 scripted series on ad-supported cable, averaging three million viewers per episode including 1.7 million adults aged 25-54.

• Hypable comments, "The Into the Badlands Season 2 Finale has come and gone, leaving us with plenty of heartbreak and questions, such as what does that final scene mean?"

• Reviewing Season 2, IGN declares, "Into the Badlands was already an enjoyable fusion of martial arts and post-apocalyptic drama, but the show managed to improve on that formula in Season 2."

• Ireland's Independent interviews Eve Connolly (Ava), who says acting on Into the Badlands was "a surreal experience. I had come from a lot of stage training where I was told 'you've got to be bigger and louder' and the first day the acting coach said to me 'even if you whisper, that's fine.'"

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