Syfy Gets Season 3 Intel from Al Gough; ComicBook Cheers New Season

This week, Syfy Wire gets some Season 3 intel from Al Gough, while recommends the new season. Plus, Daniel Wu writes in TheWrap about being Chinese-American in Hollywood. Read on for more:

• "In the quest to save Henry, Sunny's really going to learn about himself and his past, and unlock all his secrets," Al Gough reveals to Syfy Wire.

• "Season 3 appears to be exactly what fans need. It has enough of the great, familiar elements - martial arts action, exciting worldbuilding - while overturning enough of the status quo to make fresh what had started to become stale, adding up to the show’s strongest start to a season yet," cheers.

• Writing in TheWrap about the importance of being a Chinese-American actor in Hollywood, Daniel Wu says, "I am proud to know that I might have some part in righting what happened to Bruce Lee over 40 years ago. And I am proud that some kid might watch Into the Badlands and think, 'I want to be like him!'"

• Season 3's first pair of episodes "continue the momentum we enjoyed the past two seasons. There was never a slow or dull moment among the characters and plenty of action that fans are craving for from the series," according to Nerd Reactor.

• Daniel Wu discusses upping the ante on the show's fight scenes with Den of Geek, saying, "It's constantly thinking of using different locations to our advantage, using different weapons, changing it up, changing styles, and not necessarily being stuck in one style all the time."

• TV Guide advises viewers how to watch Into the Badlands "if you've made the jump to online streaming."

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