Pilgrim Squashes Nonbelievers With His "Blind Faith" -- Watch Episode 2 Now

Sunny is still reeling after learning his son Henry's disease is really "the gift," and that Sunny was the one who passed it on to him. Lydia suggests that he can look to the "Mad Witch" outside of the Badlands for help, but Bajie claims that it's a lost cause and refuses to help Sunny find her.

Before they can make a decision, though, an old enemy infiltrates the refugee camp -- and if they find Sunny, it'll mean blood.

Watch Episode 2, "Moon Rises, Raven Seeks," Now

Meanwhile, Pilgrim and his acolytes find the first temple of Azra, a ruined 21st-century museum filled with dinosaur bones and ancient relics. But when some of his followers begin to doubt his leadership, Pilgrim offers them the chance to battle him with only his "blind faith" as a weapon.

Plus, M.K. discovers a shocking secret about his past that will change the lives of everyone in his life.

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