ComicBook Views Preview; Daniel Wu Shares Season 3 Intel With Den of Geek

This week, views a preview of the new season, while Daniel Wu shares some Season 3 intel with Den of Geek. Plus, Nerd Reactor finds out what Lorraine Toussaint thinks about joining the show. Read on for more:

• shows off a new Season 3 featurette that "features several of the show's returning stars discussing where their characters are at when the third season opens."

• Den of Geek spends a day on set and learns from Daniel Wu that viewers will "see this really violent side of Sunny but at the same time, this really caring, fatherly side of him, which is a really interesting paradox."

• According to Nerd Reactor, Lorraine Toussaint says, "I really wanted to play dress up and wield swords and do swordplay and fight and fly – all the extraordinary things I do in this season. I was thrilled to come on board."

• Bleeding Cool focuses on a featurette that introduces two new characters, Lorraine Toussaint's Cressida and Babou Ceesay's Pilgrim: "In a world that has been completely destabilized by war, these new characters are like religious fanatics being added to the mix."

• pays "tribute to some of the most badass female brawlers from your favorite TV shows and movies," including Emily Beecham's The Widow (who's as "deadly as she is regal").

Into the Badlands returns for its third season on Sunday, April 22 at 10/9c. For the latest information and exclusives sign up for the Insiders Club.