Inside The Walking Dead Episode 4 — Find Out What Transformed Ezekiel From Zookeeper to King

During the apocalypse, Ezekiel became a king.

But before the world changed, he was "just some guy."

Ultimately, Ezekiel made himself a leader because "he recognizes that people need something to believe in and he can play that part," explains Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Go Inside Episode 4 “Some Guy” With the Cast and Creators

The charade worked, but after the Saviors' ambush leaves the Kingdom's army in ruins, Ezekiel himself is left wondering how honorable he is.

"He mentally puts on this armor in order to lead people into battle," says Khary Payton. "He's just a man. He's just a zookeeper. He wasn't a soldier."

With Ezekiel at a low point, who will rule the Kingdom now?

Click here to watch the video and hear Khary Payton and the creators unpack Ezekiel's kingly persona.

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