Inside The Walking Dead Episode 14 — Cast and Creators on the Tough Choices Michonne Made to Protect Judith

Michonne was once the ultimate loner.

But after meeting Rick and Carl, she eventually emerged as the greatest champion of an open Alexandria and a united future.

So it would take something momentous to have her close her community and herself off, explain the cast and creators in  new behind-the-scenes video.

Inside Episode 14

“This idea that Michonne has total control over Alexandria fundamentally comes from a place of fear,” says Executive Producer Denise Huth.

It's a reunion with an old friend that drives that fear into Michonne's heart.

Welcoming Jocelyn seems an easy choice, but this is the apocalypse and the consequences are nearly disastrous.

Michonne "let her guard down a little bit more than she would have with anybody else," explains Huth.

Click here to hear the cast and creators discuss the heartbreaking reason Michonne closed Alexandria’s doors to outsiders, and how Judith helps her reckon with this past.

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