Inside the Surprising Confession Negan Makes to Father Gabriel in The Walking Dead Episode 5

When Gabriel finds himself locked inside a trailer with Negan, he comes up with an interesting way of passing the time.

The priest plans to take the confession of the very man who brutally murdered his friends.

Negan opens up and, in doing so, reveals "a different side of Negan that I hope the audience will enjoy," Jeffrey Dean Morgan says in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Go Inside Episode 5 “The Big Scary U” With the Cast and Creators

"The character of Gabriel [is] on a mission to spread humanity and spread love, and he believes that even Negan can be human," says Executive Producer Tom Luse.

After all, with the herd of walkers surrounding them, the unlikely pair might not have much time left.

"He realizes this could be it," explains Morgan. "This could very well be their last moment on Earth."

Negan reveals he once had a wife -- one he was actually married to -- and his story of loss and heartache may very well explain how he became the man he is today.

Click here to watch the video and hear the cast and creators discuss Negan's surprising confession to Gabriel.

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