Inside Into the Badlands Episode 10 — Find Out the Meaning of the Widow's Alternate Reality

The Widow is desperate to restore her Gift, but one enemy is standing in her way: herself.

In Episode 10, the Master shows the Widow a bloody vision in the mirror chamber of what might come with her Gift restored. "The mirror chamber allows people to face their worst fears," says Executive Producer Miles Millar. In this alternate reality, the Widow sees how the gift would "isolate and corrupt her," says Executive Producer Al Gough.

Inside Episode 10

When the Widow finally meets her match, a spectacular fight unfolds. "I've never seen the fight team more excited," Millar says of the Widow vs. Widow fight.

Plus, the cast and creators discuss how Nix's conviction in Pilgrim "has been cracking" and what that could mean for her safety. Click here to go inside the episode.

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