Indiewire on Bob Odenkirk's Emmy Odds; Uproxx Applauds Saul on Netflix

This week, Indiewire discusses Bob Odenkirk's odds of winning an Emmy, while Uproxx ranks Better Call Saul one of the best shows on Netflix. Plus, Michael Mando talks to Filmmaker Magazine. Read on for more:

• Talking Emmys, Indiewire posits that "this year sees yet another perennial also-ran with their best shot yet of taking home the trophy: Bob Odenkirk."

Uproxx's ranking of the best shows available on Netflix lauds Better Call Saul as "the most detail oriented and perhaps the smartest show on television, and one hell of an intense, suspenseful drama, which is all the more impressive because we know roughly where it will end up."

• Michael Mando speaks with Filmmaker Magazine about researching roles: "For Better Call Saul, I was fascinated with the Aztec cultures and the Mayans and human sacrifice and all that stuff, which fed me and took me into very strange directions because I wanted to understand the historical culture of the character that I was playing."

• According to Deadline, Bob Odenkirk will participate in the publication's fourth annual The Contenders Emmys event on Apr. 7.

Awards Daily declares that Better Call Saul is likely to receive an Emmy nod and wonders, "Will Rhea Seehorn and Giancarlo Esposito finally be singled out for Better Call Saul after years of praise from critics and fans?"

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