Science Examines Artificial Aging; Quartz on Google's AI Center in Ghana

This week, Science looks at how A.I. is involved with artificial aging, while Quartz reports on Google's new A.I. center in Ghana. Plus, PC Magazine notes that A.I. isn't free of bias. Read on for more:

Science reports that "scientists have harnessed advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to render artificial aging that’s more realistic (and depressing) than ever."

• According to Quartz, "Africa’s nascent artificial intelligence sector just got its biggest boost from Google which is opening its first Africa AI research center in Accra, Ghana’s capital."

PC Magazine spotlights a research papers that set out to "debunk the myth of AI neutrality and to shed light on algorithmic bias, a phenomenon that is reaching critical dimensions as algorithms become increasingly involved in our everyday decisions."

Bloomberg speaks with the author of a new book on autonomous weapons and the future of war, who declares, "It's really vital that the military uses AI technology to better understand the battle space. It's vital for catching terrorists and for doing things like avoiding civilian casualties."

Popular Science takes a look at how radio signals coupled with artificial intelligence "have allowed researchers to do something fascinating: see skeleton-like representations of people moving on the other side of a wall."

/Film focuses on Zone Out, a new short film starring Thomas Middleditch that was "written and directed by an actual A.I. that named itself 'Benjamin.'"

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