How Michonne Went Into Mama Bear Mode for Her Fight Scene in the Latest Episode of The Walking Dead

You can't trust just anybody in the apocalypse.

Not even old friends.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, the crew gives a look at how they created the fight scene between a pregnant Michonne and her friend-turned-enemy Jocelyn.

The Making of Episode 14 

The culmination of the Jocelyn-Michonne storyline involved Michonne being hit with a dummy 2x4.

The measurements had to be just right as to not actually hit the belly and Danai Gurira also had to strategically choreograph her movements.

"It's not the Michonne that can do gymnastics that we're all used to," explains Mark Simon, who storyboarded the episode.

But a mama bear will always protect her cubs.

"There is something very powerful about being a pregnant woman," says Danai.

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