Reba McEntire Professes Cullen Fandom; Hell Props for Sale

This week, Reba McEntire professes her adoration for Cullen, while CBC News reports on the sale of props from the show. Plus, Hell is applauded for its western bona fides. Read on for more:

• Reba McEntire tells Oklahoma City's News 9 she's relied on her faith, family, friends and Cullen Bohannon to get through her separation from her husband, saying of Cullen that "you just have to see him. He's really good looking, he kind of diverts my attention."

• Canada's CBC News spotlights a recent sale of Hell on Wheels props and speaks with fans who were "on a hunt for conversation pieces from the popular western."

LifeZette cites Hell on Wheels as an example of a small screen TV western, noting that the show has "grown in popularity as Johnny-come-latelies binge-watch earlier seasons."

Alberta Farmer Express spotlights the Calgary area's CL Ranch, which Hell on Wheels used for "a number of locations that could represent the various states that they were building in, whether it was mountains or the plains."

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