Anson Mount Voices Hero of Evil Within Video Game; CarterMatt Looks Ahead to Next Episode

This week, Anson Mount lends his voice to the hero of The Evil Within video game, while CarterMatt looks ahead to the next episode. Plus, AMC has a video of Anson Mount describing Episode 9, "Two Trains." Read on for more:

Game Rant showcases a trailer for The Evil Within, a video game whose protagonist is voiced by Anson Mount. previews Episode 10, "Return to Hell," noting that with only a few episodes left, "what we do know is that there is going to be plenty more ahead that will have your jaw on the ground."

• Looking back at Episode 9, "Two Trains," CarterMatt features AMC's video of Anson Mount deconstructing the episode and comments that "there was quite a bit we saw unfold…and most of it falls within the category of 'very violent.'"

Screen Crush took a sneak peek at Episode 9, remarking that "things will only get worse for Cullen Bohannon."

• For recaps and reviews of Season 4, Episode 9, "Two Trains," check out Basket of Kisses, CarterMatt, Cowboys & Indians, Den of Geek, Design & Trend,, and TV Fanatic.

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