Anson Mount on Cullen, The Swede; Calgary Herald Interviews John Wirth

This week, Anson Mount explains Cullen vs. The Swede, while the Calgary Herald interviews John Wirth. Plus, International Business Times talks about how Hell on Wheels thrives on Saturdays. Read on for more:

• Speaking with Yahoo TV about the midseason premiere, Anson Mount says that "the challenge for Cullen to not kill The Swede, to get him to that fort, it was both internally and externally a fantastic arc to play in just that one episode."

• Speaking with the Calgary Herald, John Wirth says the show's creators "had figured out a way to create a western that was in some ways not considered a western but in other ways very much a traditional western with a new way in."

International Business Times discusses why Hell on Wheels did well on Saturdays: "The rise of time-shifted viewing — DVR, on-demand and online viewing — and the increasingly lower ratings threshold required to sustain a cable series make the long-stigmatized time slots potential opportunities for smaller series."

• Anson Mount tells Yahoo TV, "We had a limited amount of time to do the third act, and you can’t have a Western unless you have consequence. So there is a lot of consequence that we are wrapping up in these final seven."

International Business Times spotlights an AMC video which "shows the scene where Thomas Durant and Collis Huntington come together for the historic day" when the Transcontinental Railroad was completed.

Screen Daily reports that Colm Meaney has joined the cast of Halal Daddy, a comedy directed by Conor McDermottroe.

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