Wash. Post Touts Halt's New Season; Deadline Reports on Season 4 Debut

This week, The Washington Post recommends watching the new season, while Deadline reports that Season 4 will debut on Aug. 19. Plus, Uproxx checks out a teaser for the upcoming season. Read on for more:

The Washington Post recommends watching Season 4 when it lands, explaining the show has "evolved into a moody, almost Mad Men-esque rumination on a certain time (the 1980s) and place (first Texas, then the Bay Area)."

Deadline reports that Season 4 will enjoy a two-hour premiere on Aug. 19 at 9 PM.

• Calling the show "one of the best dramas on TV," Uproxx debuts a Season 4 teaser that "both reveals nothing about the plot and everything about Lee Pace’s, um, interesting new look, which can best be described as 'sleazeball who shaves in the bus station bathroom.'"

A.V. Club notes that the Season 4 teaser includes "a look at Anna Chlumsky in her new role as an information scientist. (Seeing her smiling and out of her Amy Brookheimer default grimace may induce My Girl-related flashbacks. Please be warned.)"

• One of the show's music supervisors, Thomas Golubić, tells A.V. Club why he submitted Season 3's "Flipping the Switch" (a "very exciting, very music-intensive" episode) for Emmy consideration: "We were introducing a new character, Ray, into Joe’s life. And we’re really meeting Joe, in a sense, in his San Francisco life differently."

CarterMatt considers Joe one of TV's best-portrayed bisexual characters: "Joe expresses fluidity when it comes to love, but one of his biggest struggles comes in his own inability to love himself or to accept things as they are."

• Reviewing the show's soundtrack release, Soundblab is impressed by the "compelling vintage sounding synth music."

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