Vulture Calls Halt One of Year's Best; Variety Interviews Kerry Bishé

This week, Vulture deems Halt and Catch Fire one of the year's best shows, while Variety talks STEM with Kerry Bishé. Plus, is enamored of the four main characters. Read on for more:

Vulture names Halt and Catch Fire one of the year's best TV shows so far, saying Season 4 is "unfolding on AMC with a confidence that comes across in every element of its storytelling — writing, directing, editing, acting, music supervision, you name it — and in the show’s deep respect for and understanding of its characters."

• "We talk about computers, and we talk about business, and we talk about creativity and compromise. The idea of supporting and encouraging women in the STEM field feels like it has come from showing women who work in those fields," Kerry Bishé tells Variety when discussing Halt and Catch Fire's female characters. says the dynamics of the show's four main characters "provide rich storytelling and incredible performances. Get into it and then tell everyone you’ve ever met to watch it. It deserves the love."

PopMatters believes that the relationships among the show's core characters will "clearly continue to be front and center in driving the story forward, even as the early days of the internet wave pushes the plot forward." provides a rundown of the characters on the show, which "has a dark mix of 1980s period drama and incredible characters and it tackles big questions around the connection between humans and technology."

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