Mackenzie Davis Talks to WWD; Christopher C. Rogers Explains Halt

This week, Mackenzie Davis talks about the Season 2 finale to Women's Wear Daily, while Christopher C. Rogers discusses Halt and Catch Fire with Baltimore City Paper. Plus, The Huffington Post wants to know why more people aren't watching the show. Read on for more:

Women’s Wear Daily interviews Mackenzie Davis, who says of the Season 2 finale, "Heaven Is a Place," "If that’s where it ends, then I think it ended on a really great note. If it goes forward, then I can’t wait to see what they do from here on out."

• Christopher C. Rogers, talking to Baltimore City Paper about Halt and Catch Fire, says, "In a show that is essentially about people trying to predict and build a guessed-at future out of thin air, we feel that the characters' greatest antagonists are in ways always themselves."

The Huffington Post demands, "Why on God's Green Earth are you not watching Halt and Catch Fire?"

A.V. Club's guide to the best character actors includes Scoot McNairy, who has "has mercurial, nervous energy about him that can be surprisingly visceral, as in his portrayal of frustrated engineer Gordon Clark on AMC’s computer drama Halt and Catch Fire." names some of its TV theme favorites, noting that "Halt and Catch Fire's beats are bad boys."

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