CarterMatt on Donna; Rights Purchased to Mackenzie Davis Movie

This week, CarterMatt takes a closer look at Kerry Bishé's Donna, while the rights have been bought to a movie starring Mackenzie Davis. Plus, Lee Pace shows up in a trailer for a film about Lance Armstrong. Read on for more:

CarterMatt believes that Kerry Bishé's Donna is "someone who continues to have to fight and fight hard for what she wants, and going into season 3 she will have to fight even harder with the move to California."

TheWrap reports that the worldwide rights to A Country Called Home, a movie starring Mackenzie Davis, have been acquired by Alchemy and ARC Entertainment.

• Catch Lee Pace in a trailer at First Showing for The Program, Stephen Frears' Lance Armstrong movie, which "looks like a deep investigation into one of the craziest cover-up stories in sports history."

CarterMatt wonders if it's possible to bring back Pushing Daisies, which starred Lee Pace, "complete with some of the same whimsy, to a service like a Hulu or a Netflix where its sort of quirky charm could be utilized properly."

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