Guardian Interviews Florence Pugh; Deadline Features Trailer, Key Art

This week, The Guardian discusses The Little Drummer Girl with Florence Pugh, while Deadline features a trailer and key art for the show. Plus, IndieWire and /Film talk up Park chan-wook's involvement in the project. Read on for more:

The Guardian interviews Florence Pugh, who says The Little Drummer Girl was "such a rewarding but intense shoot. I was scared, of course, but I always like to be. There has to be some level of fear."

Deadline presents the trailer and key art for The Little Drummer Girl, which will air over three consecutive nights beginning with a two-hour episode November 19 at 9 PM.

IndieWire also spotlights the trailer, remarking that Park Chan-wook’s "first thing for television, certainly looks great. A pop of color and some shadows on Greek architecture certainly seems like a fresh spin on John le Carré."

/Film adds that The Little Drummer Girl is "bound to be much more stylized than [The Night Manager], primarily due to director Park Chan-wook. The filmmaker is responsible for the Vengeance trilogy, Stoker, The Handmaiden, and more. The prospect of him working with this material is exciting as hell."

GQ hails The Little Drummer Girl, which has "a great cast—Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgård, and Florence Pugh are the leads—along with a slick, tense, and understated feel that seems very much in step with the work of both [John] Le Carré and Park [Chan-wook]."

TV Guide spotlights Michael Shannon's role in The Little Drummer Girl, because the Academy Award nominee, "who commits scarily hard to everything he does, puts on an Israeli accent for the series, which we now know from the trailer that was released Monday. It's weird, but in a good way!"

Screen Rant declares, "If AMC’s upcoming The Little Drummer Girl miniseries wasn’t already at the top of your fall TV watchlist, the new trailer will certainly put it there," while Screen Crush enthuses, "An espionage thriller from one of the best working directors, and featuring an awesome cast? Yes please!"

Uproxx declares that The Little Drummer Girl "packs a ridiculous amount of talent into a three-night event. Based on John le Carré’s spy novel of the same name, the BBC/AMC series stars Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Shannon, and Florence Pugh...and every episode is directed by Park Chan-wook, of Oldboy and The Handmaiden fame."

Paste says that The Little Drummer Girl, which "sports a serious pedigree," is "certainly a stylish television debut for director [Park] Chan-wook, and a project worth checking out for all the spy fiction fans out there."

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