Greg Nicotero Talks With THR; Angela Kang Previews Season 10 to EW

This week, Nicotero talks with The Hollywood Reporter about the iconic heads on pikes scene from the comics, while Angela Kang previews Season 10 to Entertainment Weekly. Plus, is effusive in its praise for Kang's leadership. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter talks to Greg Nicotero, who says the heads on spikes "has a very iconic and epic feel to it. Samantha [Morton] has done such an amazing job this season. She so embodies everything that the show needs and wants. Just to know how there's no coming back from this… it's pretty astounding."

• Looking ahead to Season 10, Angela Kang reveals to Deadline that "the conflict with the Whisperers will amp up in terrifying and hopefully surprising ways, and we’ll also discover something related to the last scene of this season, which I won’t spoil, that will once again change everything for our heroes!" cheers, "It's a truly incredible feat which Angela Kang has pulled off in her freshman year as The Walking Dead's showrunner...the show is providing some of its most consistent run of high-quality, brilliantly-paced episodes and overall narratives in years. It is raising the bar."

• Angela Kang tells EW the bloodbath didn't happen in the Season Finale since what she "wanted to do this season is kind of play with the rhythms of our storytelling a bit here and there so that maybe the things are happening at times that you don’t expect it to happen, so there’s a little bit of an element of surprise for the audience."

• Speaking with TV Guide about discovering the heads on pikes, Norman Reedus says, "It was a very strange day. It was freezing cold, we were on a mountain-hill thing, and the wind was blowing, and it was super dramatic, just tears everywhere. It was awful."

TheWrap declares, "With only one episode remaining in Season 9, The Walking Dead just hit us with one of the biggest emotional bombshells in the history of a series full of them."

Decider labels this week's episode "the deadliest episode of The Walking Dead, ever" because it "ended with 10 – TEN! – speaking part characters kicking the bucket, and it was awful."

• Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about Enid's death, Katelyn Nacon says that "to die in one of the biggest turning points in the comic books, I think it’s pretty awesome, honestly, for little old Enid. It’s a good way to go."

Entertainment Weekly interviews Alanna Masterson, who explains that her "favorite scenes are still with Glenn. [Steven Yeun and I] had such a good time filming together."

Forbes writes that "there are four women of color who stand out to me as primary reasons this season has made such an impact": Angela Kang, Danai Gurira, Millicent Shelton (the director of "Scars") and Lauren Ridloff.

• According to Variety, Norman Reedus says, at PaleyFest, "I’ve seen so many people come and go. Right now on the show, the ghosts of all those guys are with me through every frickin’ scene. I remember how tight Andy [Lincoln] and I are, how tight Scott [Wilson] and I were and Jon [Bernthal], too."

• Discussing adapting the comic to TV, Angela Kang explains, "So what’s really fun is to go: here’s that amazing moment in the comic and here’s how it made us feel. Now, how do we capture that feeling even if the way you get to it is not literally the same way that the comic book got to it," Deadline reports.

TVLine commends Danai Gurira in "Scars," calling her performance in that episode "beyond masterful."

• Norman Reedus says of Daryl, as reported by, "Everything he says, he means. You can believe him. You can trust him. And he’s not going to lie to you. And he’s not trying to impress you."

BuzzFeed is still in awe of last week's flashback episode that "focused on Michonne dealing with her old best friend, who trained children to be killers — the episode further proved what an unstoppable force Danai Gurira is."

• Samantha Morton tells she doesn't see Alpha "as a villain. I see that I’m playing this woman. I see that everything she does comes from a place of sincerity and intent."

• According to, Robert Kirkman writes, "Tom Payne was an AMAZING Jesus and I really loved his portrayal. And he couldn’t have gone out in a COOLER way, and that moment was so expertly written and directed that I think everyone involved is very proud of the insane debut of the Whisperers on the good old TV."

Syfy Wire quotes Robert Kirkman revealing, "The natural progression is that, yeah, eventually there will be very, very few zombies in this world because most of them will have died off and decayed away … will the series last long enough for us to get there? Only time will tell!!"

• As reported by, Robert Kirkman tells viewers to stay tuned for news as "we get deeper into development on this Rick Grimes TV movie. There’s some great stuff coming!"

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