Gothamist Exalts Lodge as One of TV's Best; Wyatt Russell Charms Paste

This week, Gothamist applauds Lodge 49 as one of 2018's best TV shows, while Wyatt Russell charms Paste. Plus, the drama's entire ensemble wins kudos from A.V. Club. Read on for more:

Gothamist recognizes Lodge 49 as one of 2018's best TV shows, calling it "one part California stoner noir, one part meditation on the recession, and one part Pynchon-esque comedy. Mostly, it's a hangout show about Dud (a ridiculously charming Wyatt Russell)."

Paste honors Wyatt Russell's performance as one of the year's best: "Lodge 49, one of 2018’s happiest surprises, wouldn’t work without Wyatt Russell’s easygoing charm. He channels Jeff Daniels’ Dude into Sean 'Dud' Dudley but devoid of cynicism and with much more heart."

A.V. Club cites Lodge 49's "excellent" ensemble, commenting that "while the entire ensemble (especially Linda Emond) does strong work building out this world, Sonya Cassidy’s Liz Dudley is at the heart of it."

Slate extols Lodge 49, which "manages, somehow, to thread the needle of being genuinely nostalgic for the more communitarian America of the ’40s and ’50s without ignoring that to build a more communitarian America in 2018 is going to require being more open to women, people of color, and those who aren’t straight."

Lodge 49 impresses Decider, which observes, "Creator Jim Gavin is an author first and showrunner second, which explains why this show’s quirky, circadian rhythms feel so unique and special in today’s increasingly hectic television landscape."

Lodge 49 gets a vote for Best New Show from Polygon, which notes that the show "hits on heavy themes while maintaining a lightness of tone, its warmth belying the emotional fragility that lies underneath."

• The San Antonio Express-News labels Lodge 49 one of the year's top TV shows: "Think you’ve experienced everything TV has to offer? Prove yourself wrong by dipping into this new hour that defies description."

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