GoldDerby on Bob Odenkirk Emmy Odds; Bryan Cranston Rooting for Saul

This week, GoldDerby assesses Bob Odenkirk's and Jonathan Banks' Emmy odds, while Bryan Cranston is rooting for the show at this weekend's awards ceremony. Plus, Cranston discusses his chances of showing up on Saul. Read on for more:

GoldDerby is impressed with Bob Odenkirk in "Pimento" since he "gets to display great range in his performance and you feel so bad for him in his last scene with [Michael] McKean as you can see Jimmy's heart just break."

GoldDerby notes it's helpful that Jonathan Banks submitted "Five-O" for his best supporting actor Emmy nod because he "dominates this episode as the lead and is in the entire hour."

• Bryan Cranston tells InStyle he's rooting for Emmy wins for Better Call Saul and Bob Odenkirk: "I love the show, and I think Bob does a great job. And Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, who run the show, have done a fantastic job with it, too."

• According to Postmedia Network, Bryan Cranston says of guest-starring on Better Call Saul: "I know that he [Vince Gilligan] would not just do a cheap stunt casting. Make it an understandable brush that these two characters would have at that time. Make it legitimate, and then I’m there."

Rotten Tomatoes predicts that Better Call Saul will win the best drama Emmy because critics considered the show "a quirky, dark character study that manages to stand on its own without being overshadowed by the series that spawned it."

Decider considers Better Call Saul one of TV's "most binge-worthy prequel series."

Uproxx considers Bob Odenkirk one of Curb Your Enthusiasm's most memorable guest stars, when he played "Gil Bang, a retired porn star who hosted a party at his house."

The Cheat Sheet looks back at Mr. Show with Bob and David, applauding, "I often find Mr. Show sketches improving with time, as the unexpected left turns they take become more inexplicable, and more hilarious, the more you think about them."

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