Go Behind the Scenes of the Explosive Season 3 Premiere

In the Season 3 Premiere, a bomb rips through a human- and Synth-friendly bar. To pull off the fiery stunt, the HUMANS production team actually set off a real explosion in Central London.

See the Making of the Season 3 Premiere

"I assumed that it would be sort of cheated," says Emily Berrington, who plays Niska, "but they actually exploded a bar. And all the windows blew out, and there was a fireball, and stunt people diving. It was pretty amazing."

The episode's director, Jill Robertson, and producer Vicki Delow also break down the massive amount of planning and decisions that went into filming the explosion. "All in a day's work," says stunt performer Richard Wheeldon.

Click here to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the explosion scene.

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