Get Kim Wexler's Tips for Ethical Decision-Making

If you've been following Kim's Ethics Training course, you've undoubtedly learned a great deal about how to operate as an ethical lawyer. Kim has covered a myriad of topics, from marketing and client privilege to self-care, but no matter how much training you do, there will always be situations that you're unprepared for.

Which brings us to the final lesson in your training: making decisions when the ethics are unclear and knowing what to do when you make the wrong choice.

Unlike the law, ethics can be fuzzy. Kim says to start with your conscience. She even breaks down key questions you can ask yourself to determine if the choice you're thinking of making might be the wrong one. It's amazing what a pair of clammy hands can tell you.

Got a notepad and pen? Good. You'll want to write down those key questions and of course the part about what to do if you end up making the wrong choice. It's all there in the final installment of Ethics Training With Kim Wexler.

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