Forbes Hails "Scars"; "Scars" Director Speaks With Insider

This week, Forbes hails the latest episode as possibly the best in the history of the series, while Insider speaks with Millicent Shelton, the episode's director. Plus, reports that the most recent episode was the top worldwide trend on Twitter as it aired. Read on for more:

Forbes, which has been "extolling the virtues of the Angela Kang era of The Walking Dead," calls "Scars" "simply one of the best in the history of the series. Without question. You could make the case that it might actually be the best..."

• Millicent Shelton, the director of this week's episode, talks to Insider saying, "I've been a fan of the show from the very first episode, the very first season. So, I have been badgering and badgering and wanting to get a meeting and wanting to get on the show ever since it began." reports that The Walking Dead "became the top worldwide trend on Twitter during Sunday night's shocking Episode 9x14."

TheWrap discusses how the latest episode explains "why Michonne (Danai Gurira) has been a bit more harsh and cautious than she had been before. Michonne had a nearly catastrophic run-in with an old friend named Jocelyn (Rutina Wesley) while she was pregnant that changed her."

Undead Walking talks to Millicent Shelton, who says the latest episode, which she directed, is "a character study of Michonne. She has been one of the strongest characters on television that I’ve seen. She’s always been impenetrable but this episode does show her psychological wounds and being able to be broken like we’ve never seen before."

Uproxx explains that Connie is "a new character for whom we can all fall in love," calling her "a bad-ass The Walking Dead superhero, and her weapons are a slingshot and compassion. Fans on Twitter fell completely in love with her."

• According to, Chandler Riggs says of Judith, "I mean, honestly, I really like the direction they’re going with her character. It’s super, super cool to see a completely different take on Carl’s interactions with Negan."

Syfy Wire reports on Ross Marquand saying that Angela Kang "just takes a new approach to how she wants to tell the stories and how she wants to introduce characters. It's really, really cool for us to play."

• Pollyanna McIntosh tells TooFab, "I think Jadis would know exactly what Alpha is made of and would be quite repulsed by her cruelty. Even though Jadis did some terrible things, she doesn't see herself coming from a cruel place, she's coming from a survivalist place. I think she would want to take Alpha out pretty quickly."

• Noting that "The Walking Dead has introduced and subsequently killed off dozens of characters" over nine seasons, Screen Rant laments, "Naturally, there are some we wish were still alive. So, without further ado, here are 10 Dead TWD Characters We Miss."

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