Follow Norman to the Edge of a Lava Lake

After a harrowing trip up a mountain with 50 mile-per-hour winds, Norman and riding companion Patrick Hoelck finally make it to the top of Volcanoes National Park in this scene from the latest episode.

The pair meet up with Jessica, a park ranger, who fills them in on the interesting history and geography of the area -- including the fact that Kilauea was erupting from two spots as they were standing there.

Instead of running away, as they are initially inclined to do, Norman and Patrick go to the edge of Kilauea Volcano, which features an erupting lava lake, and is home to the legendary Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele. "Watching steam rise from the glowing lava, and you realize, this place is alive," Norman says.

Follow Norman's adventure to the edge of the lava lake in this scene from the latest episode.

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