Were You Shipping Negan and Alpha? Here Are Five Other The Walking Dead Couples We'd Like to See

TWD has had its fair share of epic hookups: Michonne and Rick, Glenn and Maggie. And now, Negan and Alpha. In the Mid-Season Premiere, now available to stream for free on amc.com and the AMC apps, these two villains have gotten together and its every bit as weird and spectacular as you could have ever imagined.

And with these two fan-favorite baddies coupling up, it got us thinking: what other TWD characters should be together? Here are five couples we'd like to see because, we can dream, can't we?

Daryl and Carol

Perhaps the most obvious one -- and yeah, they're just friends -- but wouldn't it be great if these two crazy kids could get it together and take that friendship to the next level? We all want Daryl to have someone at this point. Ditto for Carol. But Connie didn't make it out of the walker-filled tunnels and Carol and Ezekiel's marriage fizzled out. And there's no denying the deep emotional connection these two have is as great as any two characters out there. So why not? Do it!

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Rosita and Eugene

Yes, she's with Gabriel, but maybe Eugene can get the girl just this once? If the lovable nerd can't get the girl of his dreams in the apocalypse, when can he? This one doesn't seem to be in the cards either, but we can all dream on a poor lonely guy's behalf. It's hard to imagine poor Eugene up there with his radio for the rest of his life.

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Maggie and Luke

When Maggie returns, we don't know if she'll be single, what she'll be interested in, what situation she'll encounter the rest of the group in, or who will survive the Whisperer War, but we know her history and the kind of guy she likes thanks to Glenn. Luke fits the bill. He's as close to Glenn as anybody is going to get. He's nice, genuine, but surprisingly tough when it comes down to it. This is a logical pairing.

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Anne and Beta

In the spirit of Alpha and Negan, this couple makes a lot of sense. Two completely creepy giants pair up in a romance nobody knows they wants, but when it happens, everybody realizes they absolutely need. As a bonus, if Anne comes back for her hot-as-fire romance with Beta, she can tell everyone where Rick is.

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Lydia and Alden

This one has a lot of logistical hurdles. Alden is still reeling from Enid's death and not too keen on Whisperers, but Lydia needs someone to tether her to the group and keep her from doing anything crazy. Henry is long gone and we're afraid if she just keeps hanging out with Carol it won't end well (they don't seem like great influences on each other).

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