/Film on NOS4A2 as Must-See Horror; Syfy Quotes Zachary Quinto

This week, /Film calls NOS4A2 must-see horror, while Syfy Wire quotes Zachary Quinto talking about Charlie Manx. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter reports the show will appear at the CanneSeries TV festival. Read on for more:

/Film, reviews NOS4A2's pilot episode, calling it "deeply compelling, hooking viewers on an emotional, visceral level well before the plot fully reveals itself."

/Film declares that "Jami O’Brien has wrangled [Joe] Hill’s sprawling horror novel into something mysterious and creepy and hard-hitting, 2019’s first must-see new horror series."

The Hollywood Reporter says that NOS4A2 is getting an out-of-competition spot at the CanneSeries TV festival in France next month.

• According to Syfy Wire, Zachary Quinto says of his NOS4A2 character, "I think you have to understand the trauma that Charlie Manx experienced in his own childhood. There's a very real psychological component to the evolution of Charlie Manx."

• Speaking about turning into Charlie Manx, Zachary Quinto says, "The physicality of it and the vocal kind of transformation and that was part of what really drew me into playing this role more than just about anything else," The Cheat Sheet reports.

Bloody Disgusting praises the NOS4A2 pilot, saying, "Luckily the network behind The Walking Dead has proven once again to have a strong grasp on horror television that hits just as hard on an emotional level as it does in inducing fear."

The Austin Chronicle applauds Ashleigh Cummings, who's "effortlessly great as Vic," and Zachary Quinto, who "channels his former Heroes cunning as the charismatic villain in this inventive adaptation of Joe Hill’s acclaimed horror novel."

CBR.com reports that the "world of AMC's NOS4A2 exists in the same, larger world as Stephen King's It and Joe Hill's Locke & Key."

Bleeding Cool checks out the newest teaser, which features "a personal look" at Zachary Quinto’s co-star Ashleigh Cummings.

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