Feast on Full Seasons of Your Favorite Shows This Holiday Season

After you're done with your Thanksgiving feast, you and your loved ones might be looking for something else to binge: a new season of your favorite show. Or, discover something new entirely with AMC's library of streaming series and seasons.

Check out what's available to watch now on amc.com and the AMC apps for mobile and devices below:


First Eight Episodes of Season 10

Kick the holidays into high gear with the first half of The Walking Dead Season 10. The survivors encounter a terrifying new threat in the Whisperers, led by deranged evangelist for the end of the world, Alpha. Everything the group thought they knew about survival in this post-apocalyptic world will be challenged, and alliances will be tested in the undead face of a new twisted evil. Season 10 is "bigger, better, and scarier than ever before" says Comicbook.com, adding: "Your favorite show is scary good again."

Binge the first eight episodes of Season 10 here. The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 23 at 9/8c.


Five-Part Docu-Series

In 1986, wannabe socialite Robert Chambers murdered 18-year-old Jennifer Levin. The subsequent trial created a tabloid tornado that swept the country. The five-part docu-series, The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park, exposes evidence that was inadmissible in the trial and also examines the circumstances that made the story unfold the way it did: America's untamed ambition in the mid-1980s, the rarified lifestyle of New York's privileged prep school kids, sexism, elitism, an all-out tabloid media war that blamed the victim and an imperfect justice system. "Full of interesting first-hand accounts," says The Hollywood Reporter. "Sharply told" and "Riveting" adds The Washington Post. The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park is a must-see for true crime fanatics and those looking for the truth behind the sensationalism.

Binge The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park here.


Season 1

Every parent’s nightmare is made real in this four-part drama series. Joanna (Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman) and Alistair (Ewen Leslie) travel from Scotland to Australia with their baby son Noah to see his mother and to fight for custody of his 14-year-old daughter from a previous marriage. But when they arrive, unforeseen events change their lives forever. The Hollywood Reporter calls The Cry "twisty, devastating and clever," and Vogue dubs the series "undeniably compelling."

Discover the drama critics are raving about here.


Season 1

From Executive Producers Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson, Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter, Shawn Gee and Alex Gibney, each episode of this new documentary series focuses on a groundbreaking song pivotal to the evolution of American music and culture. Artists deconstruct their composition, revisit the impact the song had on them personally, and dissect the socio-economic and cultural conditions that inspired the landmark work and gave voice to a generation. Featuring interviews with Kendrick Lamar, John Legend, Ludacris, Queen Latifah, Pharrell, Deray McKesson, Darryl “DMC McDaniels, Monie Love, and many, many more, Hip Hop: The Songs That Shook America gives hip hop fans and newcomers alike the inside story on the songs that irrevocably changed music.

Watch full episodes of Hip Hop: The Songs That Shook America here.


Season 2

The Emmy-Award winning drama continues to wow critics in Season 2 as "one of television’s most riveting dramas" says Backstage. Killing Eve is the story of two women, bound by a mutual obsession and one brutal act: Eve, an MI6 operative, and Villanelle, the beautiful, psychopathic assassin that she has been tasked to find. Season 2 begins 30 seconds after the final episode of the first season; Eve is reeling and Villanelle has disappeared. Eve has no idea if the woman she stabbed is alive or dead, and now both of them are in deep trouble. Eve has to find Villanelle before someone else does, but unfortunately, she’s not the only person looking for her.

Get a taste of the series everyone is talking about here, with the Season 2 Premiere free, no login required.


New Season

Set during World War II, The Terror: Infamy centers on a series of bizarre deaths that haunt a Japanese-American community. As an evil spirit launches on a murderous path of revenge, Chester, a young man navigating the tumultuous state of his country, must understand and combat the malevolent entity in an effort to save his family.

Binge the latest season here, with the Season Premiere available to stream for free, no login required.


Digital Series

This short-form documentary series, hosted by George Takei, takes a deep dive into some of the most bizarre and sensational unsolved mysteries in world history, like the Mothman, the "Devil’s Footprints," and more.

Check out these true-life horror stories in the digital series available for free here.


Digital Companion Series

Masters of horror Stephen King, Quentin Tarantino, Diablo Cody, Joe Dante, Edgar Wright, John Landis and Roger Corman sit for extended interviews with Award-winning director, writer and producer Eli Roth to explore how horror has evolved and its impact on society.

All episodes available to stream for free here.


Digital Series

Better Call Saul's Emmy Award-winning digital series returns for Season 2 with Mike Ehrmantraut, the new security consultant at Madrigal Electromotive, who turns his hard-earned knowledge of the criminal underworld into valuable tips and tricks to keep all aspects of your shady business safe from nefarious types who wish to harm your operation. Mike presents his lessons in Easter Egg-filled animated segments that illustrate just how easily your business can be taken advantage of if you don’t follow his shrewd advice. No half measures.

Get your Saul fix here before the series returns for Season 5 on Sunday, February 23 at 10/9c.


Season 2

Lodge 49 is "an addictively strange, nigh-indescribable drama" says Rolling Stone, and with "one of the most compelling collections of characters anywhere in the TV landscape," says Indiewire. A light-hearted, endearing modern fable set in Long Beach, California, Lodge 49 follows a disarmingly optimistic local ex-surfer, Dud (Wyatt Russell), who’s drifting after the death of his father and collapse of the family business. Dud finds himself on the doorstep of a rundown fraternal lodge where a middle-aged plumbing salesman and "Luminous Knight" of the order, Ernie (Brent Jennings), welcomes him into a world of cheap beer, easy camaraderie and the promise of Alchemical mysteries that may — or may not — put Dud on the path to recover the idyllic life he's lost.

Binge Season 2 of Lodge 49 here, with the Season 2 Premiere available to stream free, no login required.

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