Fear the Walking Dead Comic-Con@Home Panel -- Highlights and Everything You Need to Know About Season 6

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 is just months away. That was the news from Fear the Walking Dead Comic-Con@Home panel, when the show's cast and creators gathered virtually to chat about the show's upcoming season, and announced that Season 6 will premiere on Sunday, October 11 at 9/8c.

The premiere date was hardly the only major piece of news about the new season. To the contrary, the panel began with the first trailer from Fear the Walking Dead Season 6, and our first hints around what happened to Morgan after he was shot and descended upon by a walker horde at the end of Season 5.

Watch the First Teaser for Fear Season 6:

The panel, which included TWD Universe Chief Creative Officer Scott M. Gimple, Showrunners Ian Golberg and Andrew Chambliss, plus stars Lennie James (Morgan), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia), Colman Domingo (Strand), Danay Garcia (Luciana), Karen David (Grace), Jenna Elfman (June), and Rubén Blades (Daniel), didn't leave it there. They went further into Morgan's current state, the challenges the group will face in Season 10, pets, and a number of other exciting topics.

As to whether Morgan is alive, Gimple wouldn't commit either way, but said "I think he needs a couple of pints at least."

Highlight: Showrunners on Whether Morgan Survived

James, for his part, said he remembered filming the scenes of his potential demise fondly, largely because of his antagonist, Ginny, played by Colby Minifie. "She's got such a slightly off-kilter energy... I think that's why she makes such a fantastic... villain," he said, "Of all of the... adversaries... we've come across she's the most unnerving... because she's one of the most successful... She's not just running one encampment and one group of people, she's running seven, eight, nine of them. We may well find out there's 500 of them! So whatever she's doing it's working."

Highlight: Why Virginia Is a One-of-a-Kind Villain

Gimple told host Chris Hardwick that fans will see a new side of Virginia this season thanks to a new character, her sister Dakota, who, "is somebody that opens up a whole new side to Virginia."

"We're gonna see a vulnerability," he said.

That wasn't the only reveal Gimple, Golberg, and Chambliss treated fans to. They also revealed that Sherry, Dwight's long-lost love will be returning to the show. Goldberg said, "We will see Dwight and Sherry this season," but warned that "[Dwight] is a very different man... than he was on the The Walking Dead" when he last saw his wife.

Highlight: The Return of Sherry

Also appearing on the show: a new pet. After Rubén Blades said he wanted Skidmark, his character Daniel's cat, to move in with him (the trainer said no), Gimple noted that Skidmark won't be the only pet appearing on Fear this season, although he didn't confirm the species of this new animal companion.

Highlight: Pets, New and Old

As for where the rest of the characters stand when Season 6 premieres, the situation sounds dire.

Colman Domingo, who will again direct an episode of Fear in Season 6, noted that Strand may have reverted to his morally-conflicted past. "I think he's very complicated, but now that you know who Strand is, we've peeled away the layers of Strand... he's a deal-maker... you've gotta negotiate with this person... he's been trying to lean into other ideologies and ethos... I believe you're going to see some of those other elements... the part of Strand that's a survivor is coming back out," he said.

This may put his relationship with Alicia at risk. In fact, Alicia can't really trust anyone according to Debnam-Carey -- even Strand. "She has that bond with Strand, but I think she also understands anyone can flip on a dime if it serves them," she said.

Domingo agreed that Alicia "knows that Strand operates in a way that he may keep some things from her."

These aren't the only characters who find themselves isolated. Grace finds herself alone and pregnant in Season 6. Karen David said that leads to some troubling questions for her character. "Does she really want to bring a child into the world? Is she going to be alive to see her child's first birthday?" she asked.

Highlight: Grace and Morgan's Baby

For all the characters things could get darker, according to Goldberg. "Virginia is now calling the shots. Our characters are not the masters of their own universe anymore. They are living under Virginia's rule and in Virginia's community, so it's a big paradigm shift," he told Hardwick.

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