Explore the Depths of the Sea With Planet Earth: Blue Planet II

Embark on a magical, mind-blowing voyage into the most undiscovered place on our planet: the ocean. Planet Earth: Blue Planet II premieres on Saturday, January 20 at 9/8c, as a simulcast event across AMC, BBC America, IFC, WE tv and SundanceTV. Watch a trailer here.

Just like last year’s Planet Earth II, the new Blue Planet II was a project four years in the making. More people have been to the moon than have been to the deepest parts of the ocean, but with new, cutting-edge technology, this unstoppable production team has brought to light the untold stories, alien landscapes, and unimaginable creatures that exist under the waves. What you’ll see is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Can't wait to dive in? Click here to watch a three-way face off between a crab, moray eel and octopus; learn more about the beautiful but deadly Portuguese man o' war; and discover a whole new meaning to "fish out of water."

Don’t miss all-new episodes of Blue Planet II on Saturdays at 9/8c on BBC America.