EW Wants Awards for Bob Odenkirk; Bryan Cranston Praises Saul to Metro

This week, Entertainment Weekly thinks Bob Odenkirk should win every award for playing Jimmy/Saul, while Bryan Cranston praises Better Call Saul to Metro. Plus, TVLine interviews Rhea Seehorn. Read on for more:

• In its review of the latest episode, Entertainment Weekly declares, "If Bob Odenkirk doesn’t win an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and the Congressional Medal of Honor for his work on Better Call Saul this season, there is no justice in the world."

• Interviewed by Metro, Bryan Cranston praises Better Call Saul, saying, "I think it’s brilliantly done, and Bob [Odenkirk] is killing it. The look is very familiar, and yet the characters are mostly different, what’s going on is different. It’s interesting and alluring."

• Rhea Seehorn tells TVLine about Kim seeing "Saul Goodman" for the first time: "Someone you’ve known for eleven years just made up a name and an entire character, and is now doing insane commercials on TV. It amuses her, it disturbs her, it confuses her… it’s a strange moment. I don’t think she knows what to make of it."

• Peter Gould tells the Los Angeles Times about Better Call Saul's writers, saying, "I think we're just fascinated, I'm fascinated, by the idea that when people are talking, the real story is happening underneath the dialogue or in parallel with the dialogue. A lot of our characters find it very hard to speak their minds."

Decider raves, "[Bob] Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Jonathan Banks, Giancarlo Esposito, Michael McKean, Patrick Fabian, Mark Margolis, Michael Mando, and a slew of other incredibly talented actors have come together and effectively become the strongest ensemble cast on television at the moment."

• Talking up Bob Odenkirk's Emmy chances, the Los Angeles Times asks, "Who else could render an ambulance-chasing attorney one of the most complex and endearing characters out there?"

• Speaking with Forbes, Vince Gilligan says, "Our favorite kinds of scenes –and I think I can safely speak for Peter [Gould]—on Better Call Saul and going back to Breaking Bad are the scenes where we tell a story through images rather than words."

Cleveland.com observes that Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad "are definitely closer than ever to merging, but if history is any indication, fans have plenty of time before they truly intersect."

Den of Geek hunts for Easter eggs in the latest episode.

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