EW Showcases Season 2 Clip; Rolling Stone Previews New Preacher Season

This week, Entertainment Weekly showcases a clip from the new season, while Rolling Stone previews Season 2. Plus, TVLine teases what's to come in the Season 2 Premiere. Read on for more:

• Entertainment Weekly showcases a Season 2 clip and notes that a road trip taken by Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy "is not exactly a great time for Tulip right from the start — unless, of course, your idea of a great time is being lectured about circumcisions by a motormouthed vampire."

• Previewing Season 2, Rolling Stone calls Preacher "one of the most deeply weird adventures on the air right now – fast, bloody, blasphemous, darkly funny as hell."

• TVLine teases that the Season 2 Premiere "reveals that God has been hanging out in perhaps the last place you’d expect, to indulge His predilection for perhaps the last thing you’d expect."

• Nerdist, previewing Season 2, concludes, "Although Preacher Season 2 doesn’t stick 100 percent to the comics, it draws much more story elements from them than Season 1. As a result, the characters are allowed to move in something closer to their natural environment, which gives them greater scope for development."

• The Ringer declares that Season 2 "of the obscene, funny, and sometimes nonsensical Seth Rogen–produced AMC show catches up to its source."

• ComicBook.com spotlights a Season 2 clip where "Jesse and Tulip discuss how exactly they're going to find God, while Cassidy distracts Jesse with disturbing anatomical facts" and a behind-the-scenes video that reveals changes in the new season.

• According to GamesRadar, Ruth Negga previews that Tulip, Jesse and Cassidy are "a tight trio now. So all those pressures and emotions are very hothoused within this trio, and I think that creates a very interesting tension. Things about them get revealed which you haven’t necessarily seen before and the kind of pressures take their toll."

• Paste recommends watching Preacher: "The first season was a dark, twisted and hilarious romp, and the early buzz on Season 2 is that it goes even further."

• The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune, spotlighting shows shot in New Orleans, says that Preacher "has earned a reputation as one of the more reliably outrageous series on television."

• Reviewing Season 2's first two episodes, The Reel Bits says Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen "helm both episodes with panache, keeping much of the stylistic elements of the first season (title drops, rapid cutting, high dynamic range photography), but covering it in the skull-crushing violence that we remember so well from the comics."

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