EW Interviews John Wirth; Huff Post on Season 4 Hitting Netflix

This week, Entertainment Weekly interviews John Wirth, while The Huffington Post reports on Season 4 hitting Netflix. Plus, CarterMatt checks out the Season 5 poster. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly introduces the Season 5 trailer and speaks with John Wirth, who reveals that "we’ve kind of clawed our way back to what I think is going to be a pretty good wrap up for the series."

The Huffington Post announces that Season 4 will be available on Netflix on July 4.

CarterMatt examines the Season 5 poster, which depicts Cullen at a railroad crossing, and surmises that it's "meant to be a reminder of where the character is after heading further west at the tail end of season 4, and his journey now has him at a metaphorical crossroads."

Fashion & Style says the trailer "looks like the concluding chapter of the series is going to be a good one," while CarterMatt showcases Wirth's EW interview.

International Business Times also checks out the Season 5 trailer (which "shows Bohannon is still haunted by the loss of his family") and poster.

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